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Mission Statement

To enhance the education, social and vocational potential of students with disabilities by providing a caring, supportive and specialised learning environment.


Principal's Address

Newton Moore Education Support Centre (NMESC) is a special place and you will feel it the moment you step onto our beautiful grounds.

Here, every child is the centre of a community dedicated to providing them with the very best education in a truly inclusive environment. Every student, regardless of ability, is encouraged and nurtured so they feel safe to learn, grow and dream.

I understand that you know your child best so I want to form a partnership with you, working together for the benefit of your child. Together we will ensure your child has every opportunity to achieve their full potential.

We offer a diverse range of programs so students can explore and discover new interests whether in the classroom, out on the sports oval, in the art or music rooms or in any of our off campus programs or activities. We want them to discover a lifelong love of learning.

Our location alongside Newton Moore Senior High School means your child may have the opportunity to integrate into mainstream classes alongside their peers and they will get to enjoy many of the activities offered at the high school, such as the school ball.

I am very proud of our students, families and amazing staff and it is my pleasure to invite you to come in and see for yourself all the opportunities available at our Centre.

Our recent Public School Review showcases the successful implementation of our mission statement which permiates through all aspects of our School's environment.



Newton Moore Education Support Centre was established in 1994 and shares a site with Newton Moore Senior High School. The school buildings have been incorporated into the High School to enhance the inclusion of students with special educational needs into the school community.

Newton Moore Education Support Centre is one of a number of schools providing specialised educational programs for students with disabilities and learning difficulties within the South West Region, however we are the only specialised High School in the Region . These schools and centres are staffed by specialised personnel and provide students with educational programs that support their individual learning needs. The specialised teaching skills and the combined experience of the staff ensure the school can provide students with a more comprehensive program.



Cnr Knight St & Hotchin Street South Bunbury, co-located within Newton Moore Senior High School


School Population

76 Students
14 Teachers
41  Education Assistants
15 Administration Staff


Our school colours are white, yellow and blue.


  • enhance a sense of belonging, equality and community spirit
  • separate school from leisure time, focusing students’ efforts on learning
  • prepare students for the expectations of post school employment
  • assist the school identify unwelcome strangers
  • promote a positive image of the school by ensuring a minimum standard of presentation of all students.

Uniforms are available from Nell Gray Uniforms Shop located 4/118 Spencer Street Bunbury.     Phone: 9270 4664                                                                             (School uniforms are no longer avaliable from the uniform shop on school grounds, as they have relocated to the above location to be availble for longer hours and on weekends)

Opening times:

Mon-Wed-Fri:   9:00am – 5:00pm
Saturday:           9:00am – 12:00pm

Enclosed footwear is required for health and safety reasons - therefore thongs and sandals are not permitted. Students may wear a watch and simple sleepers or studs in pierced ears. Excessive jewellery is inappropriate and may be dangerous.

Please be aware that some school activities will require specific uniforms and footwear. You will be notified of these prior to your child starting these programs.

Thank you for supporting this uniform policy. Denim clothing is not allowed at school as per the Department of Education policy, for further information please visit:



As we are located within the grounds of Newton Moore Senior High School, our students have access to all the facilities available to the High School:

  • Information Resource Centre (Library) Open 8.15am – 4.00pm every day and is available to students during recess and lunch
  • Performing Arts Centre (PAC)
  • Options/Music Room


Our vision is to see young people with disabilities living a life of their choice, embraced and supported by the community around them.

Our purpose is to enhance the education, social and vocational potential of students with disabilities by providing a caring, supportive and specialised learning environment

Our goal is that every child leaves our school at the end of their secondary education with a sense of excitement for what their future holds.

Our priority is to equip students with the skills needed to meet the challenges they will face outside school in our fast-paced modern world.

At Newton Moore Education Support Centre we want your child to:

  • Have fun and enjoy school life.
  • Feel safe.
  • Form positive relationships.
  • Be able to make choices and influence school decisions.
  • Develop a broad range of skills and abilities including academic, communication, physical, social and life skills.
  • Feel confident and develop their self-esteem and character within school and in the community.
  • Develop their ability to manage their own behaviour and cope with challenges appropriately.
  • Have options and opportunities after they graduate from school.
  • Have lifelongl memories of their time with us at our Centre for life. We want them to smile when they remember us.

A School of Distinction

  • Newton Moore Education Support Centre is proud to be recognised for our creativity and innovation in providing education for students with disabilities.
  • We are the only school in the Southwest Region and one of only 12 schools state-wide that is recognised by the Department of Education as a Distinctive Education Support School.
  • Distinctive Schools serve as centres of excellence to further develop and share their knowledge and expertise across partner schools, networks and regions. Our Centre is playing a considerable part in helping other schools build capacity to better support all students, including those with disabilities.
  • We have worked hard over the years to develop the kind of school that can inspire others and we will continue to look at new and better ways of doing things to benefit our students and to help communities understand the big contribution they will make if given opportunities and support.

Achieving Together

  • We understand that choosing a school for your child is one of the most difficult decisions you will make. For us, teaching your child with special needs is a privilege, as well as an important responsibility that we take very seriously.
  • We are committed to taking the time to understand your child, discovering what their needs are and developing a program that is uniquely theirs.
  • Our teachers and support staff are amazing - they are what sets our Centre apart from other schools. With their wealth of experience, diverse backgrounds and interests, they will give your child an abundance of learning opportunities.
  • By attending Newton Moore Education Support Centre your child has the best of both worlds on offer to them. There is the opportunity to integrate into a range of classes at Newton Moore Senior High School, which may include science, art or drama. We are confident that by exposing students to a broad range of programs, they will be well placed to achieve their maximum potential and independence.
  • Most of all, we want your child to love coming to school every day. Respect and ambition for each of our students is at the heart of our comprehensive teaching curriculum, alongside a belief in each student’s abilities. We want your child to feel confident to aim high and understand that making mistakes is an important part of life and learning.
  • Together, we can achieve amazing things.

At Newton Moore Education Support Centre we look forward to the opportunity to develop a partnership with you and your child. We are committed to helping you prepare your child for life after school, whether they dream of going onto further education, training or entering the workforce.

Part of this preparation is ensuring we support the health and wellbeing of your child as well as their educational needs.

We want to make the transition of all our students into young adulthood as smooth as possible by teaching health and relationship skills in a safe and nurturing environment. We will help them make friends by providing structured opportunities to practice acceptable social interactions. We want them to have a sense of wellbeing and connectedness with others and the world around them.

At our Centre, we believe that a quality education demands the right balance between formal learning and a curriculum that is going to prepare your child socially, emotionally and with work skills so they will be ready for their future.


Student Support

Newton Moore Education Support Centre is proud to offer our students a 5 day a week pastoral care team through our Student Services Department. Our Students Services Department has been in operation since 2016 and we cater to social, emotional and behavioural needs of Students including unproductive behaviours and engagement. We have succinct policies and procedures in place around attendance and behaviour and a team comprising of a Deputy Principal, 3 Student Support Officers, Chaplain, Social Worker and School Psychologist.

Newton Moore ESC boasts the first ever Student Services Department in an Education Support Facility in Western Australia and as a result of this department we have seen growth in whole school attendance, rapid decrease in suspension and critical incidents as well as increase in learning around unproductive behaviours. One of the most significant initiatives of the Student Services department is the mentoring program, utilising skilled staff targeting specific areas of need around students in conjunction with teachers and families. Student Services has also overseen the implementation of the highly effective PBS Tier 2 team at Newton Moore ESC working to implement further effective strategies in best supporting our students and families.