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Parent Info

Enrolments – Criteria

Students enrolling in an Education Support Centre/Schools need to complete an Application to Enrol in an Education Support Centre Form. These forms are available at your local school. This form needs to be completed in conjunction with yourself and your current school who will forward it on to the District Senior Lead Psychologist for approval. Once this approval has been received the school can give you an enrolment package. Enrolments can be made at the front office. You will be required to provide your child’s birth certificate and immunisation record. An enrolment form and internet/photo permission form will need to be completed.


Online Payments

The Department of Education allows school Principals and school boards to establish funds for sporting equipment, incidental materials, educational tours and more. All schools ask for some form of contribution from parents. These additional expenses are very important to your child’s learning and offer additional skills and experiences that help their education. For this reason we ask that you support your school by paying your School Voluntary Contribution and Charges. You can do this at the front office during opening hours. We request that you supply the correct money, cheque or you can direct debit into the school’s bank account.

Education Allowance
To be eligible, parents/guardians must hold one of the following cards:

  • Centrelink Family Health Care Card
  • Centrelink Pensioner Concession Card
  • Veterans’ Affairs Pensioner Concession Card

Parent/guardian must be the holder of a valid card. The allowance is paid up to and including the year the students turns 18 years of age.

You will receive application forms at the beginning of Term 1 which are to be completed and returned to the school by the due date of which you will be advised. For more information, please contact our Manager of Corporate Services.

Fees and Charges 2021

Charges Years 7, 8 & 9   Click here

Charges Year 10   Click Here

Charges Years 11, 12  Click Here

Charges Returning Year 12's Click Here



Term Dates - 2021 

School Development Days 2021: (students do not attend)
Term 1 2021: Thursday 28th January & Friday 29th January
Term 2 2021: Friday 4th June
Term 3 2021: Friday 27th August
Term 4 2021: Monday 11th October
School Term Dates 2021: (students attend)
Term 1 2021: Monday 1st February – Thursday 1st April
Term 2 2021: Tuesday 19th April – Friday 2nd July
Term 3 2021: Monday 19th July – Friday 24th September
Term 4 2021: Tuesday 12th October – Thursday 16th December
Term 4 2021 finishes on:

Friday 26th November for Upper School (Yr's 11, 12 & Post Comp)
Thursday 16th December for Lower School (Yr's 7, 8, 9 & 10)



School Hours

Monday to Friday 8:40am to 3:00pm
First Lunch 10.48am to 11.18 am each day
Second Lunch 1.26pm to 1.54pm each day

Students should arrive at school between 8.30 and 8.40am. Supervision is provided from 8.15am. Unfortunately we are unable to provide supervision before 8.15am.

Children who arrive at school on time are more relaxed and feel more organised, so we encourage you to assist your child in learning skills that will enable them to be punctual.

If you are going to be late picking your child up at the end of the day, please notify the school office as soon as possible on 9722 2480.



Please do not send your child to school if they are unwell.
Any student who is known to have contracted a medical condition that may be infectious, contagious or otherwise harmful to health of another person at school will need to stay home and away from other students for a period of time as advised by the Executive Director of Public Health or by registered medical practitioner.

Every day your child attends school, they will learn something new so it is very important that they come to school every day. In Australia, attendance at school is compulsory from Pre-Primary onwards.
Of course, there are many reasons why children may need to be absent from school occasionally.
If your child is absent, please contact the school on 9722 2480. If an absence is unexplained, we will contact you.
The school has an SMS notification system. If your child is absent and no notice has been given to the school we will notify you via SMS by 11am each day. Please ensure your mobile phone number is up to date.
Teachers also appreciate, if possible, some notice if your child’s absence is known beforehand so that they can make adjustments to your child’s learning program.



Where a child is required to have prescribed medication during the school day, it is mandatory that your doctor provides the document "Medication Instructions from Prescribing Doctor".

In particular circumstances permission may be obtained to have teaching staff administer medications at school.

Medications for administration should be contained in a properly labelled container and an Administration of Medication Form filled out. Please ensure the medication is delivered to the school and given directly into the care of administration.


School Board 

The elected body of parents and teachers work together to formulate educational objectives and priorities, and review how the school is going in achieving these priorities.

The school has established policies in a number of areas. These policies are created and reviewed when the need arises. Policies are presented to the School Board for discussion. Current school policies include:

Medical and first aid
Camps and excursions
Internet use
Behaviour management/bullying
Risk management
Crisis management and emergency procedures
Reporting and assessment.

Meet the Board


Elyece Robertson, Penny Nunn, Stephanie Tucker, Rebecca Jacob

(Wendy Forrest & Heather Saunders not pictured)


Stephanie has been a parent representative on the School Board for 6 years, she is an inaugural Board Member, joining when the School became an Independent Public School.
Stephanie is a HR Consultant at the Department of Communities and in her spare time enjoys playing and coaching hockey. She represents WA in masters hockey and has recently competed in the National Championships in Bunbury where her team won gold.

Stephanie Tucker

School Board Chair


Elyece joined Newton Moore Education Support Centre in January 2016 as a classroom teacher. In 2018 she took on the role of the school's first STEM teacher. Elyece has a passion for Digital Technologies and has implemented the school's first coding program through STEM. She engages regularly with the Senior high School staff and takes part in professional development outside of the school to ensure she stays up to date with the latest information and styles of teaching so our students can get the most out of their STEM education. Elyece is also an active member of our school's PBS committee and been involved in many of our PBS initiatives and fun days, as well as a member of our school's IT committee.

Elyece Robertson

Teacher Representative


Over the past two decades Penny has been the Principal of Newton Moore Education Support Centre (NMESC). During this time, her priority has been to provide strong, effective leadership to facilitate long term reform across all aspects of education, incuding community engagement.

Under Penny's leadership, Newton Moore Education Support Centre has successfully transformed from a centre focused on the traditional education programmes to an IPS centre that is focused on setting up and supporting individualised programmes to enable students to successfully transition into the life of their choice supported by their community.

The success of this long-term reform program has resulted in Newton Moore Education Support Centre being recognised as a leader and innovator at both educational and community levels.

Newton Moore Education Support Centre is well placed to continue to be a leader of reform and has the diverse skills, experience and specialised knowledge to provide expertise and assistance to other Education Support Centre undertaking similar reform.

Penny Nunn



Rebecca was born and grew up locally in Bunbury. She attended Newton Moore Senior High School for her high school education. Bec is a Parent Representative on the School Board and her daughter attends Newton Moore Education Support Centre.

Bec has previously owned local business in Bunbury for over ten years.  She enjoys walking her dogs, reading and running her own business.
The reasons Bec decided to join the school board as a Parent Board Member is to give back to the school community, to be a voice for other parents if they have any questions and would like to have them passed onto the correct channels, ensuring their voices are being heard and concerns attended to.

Rebecca Jacob

Parent Representative


Wendy Forrest has worked at the school for 21 years, firstly as an Education Assistant and for the past 9 years as the Workplace, Transition and Relief Coordinator, she is also on the school leadership team. Wendy encourages young people with disabilities to achieve their individual potential, academically and socially. In the past five years she has prepared and supported many students to successfully transition into the community ensuring that they have the opportunities to develop the skills, knowledge and confidence to achieve their highest individual potential, of which many have made a meaningful contribution to the community. In that time she has successfully assisted students to gain full time employment who are still currently working in those jobs. She establishes post school students individual transition programs, preparing them for life after school and where many students are still engaged in those community programs today. Wendy also assists and supports our families with their NDIS planning which she has much knowledge of. She coordinates lower school transition for year 6 students to NMESC with Person Centred Planning, meeting with parents/guardians, primary school staff, the students and therapists to get the information our schools needs to successfully transition them into our Centre. Wendy has also taken on the role of Relief Coordination for our staff, inducting new staff and assisting the Deputy in staff timetables. 

Wendy Forrest

Staff Representative (not pictured)


Heather Saunders

Parent Representative


Smart Rider Card

Newton Moore ESC students require a student ID/Library Card. The ID card has several functions – one side of the card will be the SmartRider card which enables students to access concession travel on Transbunbury bus services, Transperth bus, rail and ferry services, and TRANSWA country road and rail services. The reverse side of the card will allow students to borrow school text books and resources from the library, and reset their computer passwords. It must also be used when purchasing tickets for school socials, and for ID when entering school socials. Cinemas will also accept it as proof of student status.




The Senior High School hold fortnightly assemblies. They are held in the Gym and our students attend with their form groups.


Assemblies are held regularly each term. Information will be sent to you via SMS to ensure that parents and the community are able to attend.


Canteen Information

The Senior High School P&C School Canteen prepares lunches and refreshments for students and staff. The canteen opens before school and at recess and lunch. The canteen provides tasty and nutritious meals and is a major source of fundraising for the school. The canteen is run as a service to the school community. It is open all week. If you would like to volunteer, please phone the canteen manager on 9795 8620. Your assistance is greatly appreciated.


Uniform Information – Shop And CWC Uniforms

The community of Newton Moore Education Support Centre has chosen to have a designated school uniform for the following reasons.

  • enhances a sense of belonging, equality and community spirit
  • separates school from leisure time, focusing students’ efforts on learning
  • prepares students for the expectations of post school employment
  • assists the school identify unwelcome strangers
  • promotes a positive image of the school by ensuring a minimum standard of presentation of all students.

Uniforms are available from the Uniform Shop located in Student Services. Price lists and opening times are available from the office.

Enclosed footwear is required for health and safety reasons - therefore thongs and sandals are not permitted.
Students may wear a watch and simple sleepers or studs in pierced ears. Excessive jewellery is inappropriate and may be dangerous.

Please be aware that some school activities will require specific uniforms and footwear. You will be notified of these prior to your child starting these program.

Thank you for supporting this uniform policy.
Denim clothing is not allowed at school as per the Department of Education policy (for further information please visit: